Project Info

The RampCo is a technologically advanced folding ramp, for automatic ascending and descending of wheelchair users, thus paving the way to Universal Accessibility in buildings and public spaces. RampCo is a portable ramp that can be packed in the form of an all-in-one transport case and can be transferred easily and quickly by hand. RampCo will have a lightweight design due to the use of smart composite materials that will ensure the best strength/weight ratio.

The RampCo, on the wheelchair user’s command, will transport the wheelchair safely several meters all the way up the stairs, without any assistance. The RampCo will operate on slopes beyond the typical 8% reaching up to 60% allowing the wheelchair user to safely ascent to elevations from 3 up to 8 stair steps. RampCo will be a revolutionary product in the ramp market since no other portable, foldable, extendable device exists worldwide with this feature. RampCo will be designed and developed in order to provide a safe accessibility solution for wheelchair users in various staircases. RampCo will provide operation and geographical location data to the wheelchair users and will allow remote access by the installer using a developed mobile application for operation and performance monitoring.

The RampCo could have a massive uptake to serve a practically infinite number of cases with a difference in elevation, which are currently left inaccessible or are serviced in a poor way, with no provision for use by disabled citizens without assistance and more often than not, with a compromise on safety or aesthetics. For example public buildings, hotels, museums, archaeological sites, exhibition centers, industry, banks, shops, private homes, etc.


Main Objectives

  • To improve competitiveness of the participating SMEs through the development and validation of the novel portable ramp which enlarges the application market for accessibility products, providing an efficient and reliable low cost alternative to traditional ramps. 
  • To establish various design concepts that will be presented in questionnaires and distributed to target groups in order to get end user feedback and select the best concept.
  • To develop detail specifications of RampCo mechanical, electrical and electronic components. 
  • To perform appropriate design calculations and 3D FEM analysis based on stability, functionality, safety, weight/strength ratio, etc.
  • To manufacture the RampCo components and to comply with existing standards, regulations and EU directives. 
  • To design and develop the user-friendly control system which will integrate all necessary electrical and electronic subsystems and will use all sensory information in order to properly control the RampCo movement. 
  • To demonstrate the functionality of the RampCo system under real conditions
  • To prepare publications and to participate in conferences & trade fairs for presentation of RampCo System.
  • To develop an exploitation strategy plan and to carry out the assessment from the technical-economical point of view compared to alternative products.

Work Packages

In order to lead the partners to achieve the specific objectives, the structure of the work plan is divided into 8 work packages (WPs), each targeting different objectives, tasks and expected results.

WP1: Conceptualization and scientific understanding of RampCo System

WP2: Design and development of the traction system

WP3: Design study and prototyping of composite components 

WP4: Design and development of control system

WP5: Integration of RampCo subsystems, testing and documentation

WP6: Demonstration of the RampCo

WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation

WP8: Consortium Management